Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Etc Inspiration Blog Temaki Hand Rolled Spicy Salmon Sushi Cone Recipe Via Food Lab Asia 1 photo Etc-Inspiration-Blog-Temaki-Hand-Rolled-Spicy-Salmon-Sushi-Cone-Via-Food-Lab-Asia-1.jpg
Etc Inspiration Blog Temaki Hand Rolled Spicy Salmon Sushi Cone Recipe Via Food Lab Asia Close Up 2 photo Etc-Inspiration-Blog-Temaki-Hand-Rolled-Spicy-Salmon-Sushi-Cone-Via-Food-Lab-Asia-Close-Up-2.jpeg
Photos via: Food Lab Asia

Temaki Hand Rolled Spicy Salmon Sushi Cone - Never seen/eaten a handroll this big!

To make these I recommend adding the ingredients from this Spicy Tuna Sushi recipe to your cone and using these instructions for the best way to prepare and roll the cone.


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